Why do I need a mobile site?

I can’t overstate the importance of having a mobile version of your website.

Statistics are clear: more than 50 percent of all web browsing happens on phones now. By 2025, it’s expected that 72 percent of users will have ditched their desktops and use only their phones to access the internet. How enabled are you to serve them?

Users Expect Mobile Sites

The number one reason to have a mobile version of your website is that users expect sites to be mobile adaptive. A 2019 Google study said 75 percent of smartphone users expect to be able to get “immediate” information when using their phone. Is your site able to do that for mobile users? A mobile version is welcoming, it puts the user first, and it’s what the user expects.

Enhanced Retention

Open your website on a phone. Is it hard to read? Do you have to zoom in with your fingers to read your copy? Are you unable to zoom in at all? Studies show that overwhelmingly, people simply move on when they reach a site without a mobile version.

Increased Conversion and Profitability

A 2019 study from Google concluded that 77 percent of mobile shoppers are more likely to buy from sites that allow them to make purchases quickly. Does your site allow that?

Google Prioritizes Mobile Sites

Google gives preference to mobile-optimized sites. From Google itself:

…Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking … Since the majority of users now access Google Search with a mobile device, Googlebot primarily crawls and indexes pages with the smartphone agent going forward.

I know that all might sound very confusing, but the key takeaway is that Google is adapting to changes in user behaviors and prioritizing content that serves mobile users better. Don’t miss out on free traffic from Google.

Optimizing your site for mobile doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult. You can have a site that adapts seamlessly to any size screen while maintaining its style and usability. Contact me today and we’ll work together to find a fast, affordable route to making your site mobile responsive. 

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