I offer a full suite of services that will help you take control of your web presence and reach your goals.


  • Make your site mobile responsive. More than 50 percent of all website traffic is mobile!
  • Enhance your website’s SEO to drive growth and meet accessibility standards.
  • Make your site secure with SSL. That’s the little “s” in “https.” This tells Google your site is safe to send traffic to, ensures secure transactions, and inspires trust in your brand.


  • Completely refresh your site’s look and feel with a new theme.
  • Create and nurture a social presence on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Develop a following on Pinterest.


  • Get site analytics in place and learn to read them. It is free, invaluable information on user behavior!
  • Conduct user tests to find and alleviate your users’ pain points.
  • Install tools like Google Search Console to see what keywords people use to reach your site.


  • Utilize pay-per-click advertising with Google and/or Bing.
  • Leverage local tools like Google Maps and Yelp to help customers find you.
  • Place ads on your site to create revenue.

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